PAINO Hydrogen Water Generator


  • MODELPGW-1000
  • COLORwhite , red
  • FEATURES ▪ Regardless of water source [fresh, purified, tap ], it stably produces hydrogen water.
    ▪ It produces highly concentrated hydrogen water of 1,000~1,200ppb, in real time.
    ▪ Its digital control is possible as the high-tech function
    ▪ Cleansing by automatic circulation and the tank with its PP(polypropylene) ensures the perfect hygienic system.

PAINO Hydrogen Water Generator

Color white , red
The size of the product(W x H x D) 130 X 375 X 282 (main body), (mm)
Concentration of hydrogen water 1,000 ~ 1,200ppb
Components The main body of the hydrogen water generator
The adaptor
The specification and the Certificate

Hydrogen Water Generator for Household UseGREENING WATER

Time of generating hydrogen 2~3min
The capacity of its tank 1L
Weight of the main body 3.8kg
Is there excretion of water? No
Tank Stainless
Power Input : 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Output : DC 12V, 5A

Hydrogen Water Generator for Household UsePremium GW

Time of generating hydrogen Immediate generation
The capacity of its tank 800cc
Weight of the main body 2.9kg
Is there excretion of water? No
Tank PP (polypropylene)
Power Input : 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Output : DC 24V, 5A
  • Real Time
  • One-Touch
  • High-Technology
  • Healthy

Hydrogen-rich water is produced right away! The PAINO Hydrogen Water Generator immediately produces high-concentrated hydrogen water of 1,000ppb with 0.8L as its maximum.
Unlike other companies’ products that require 10~30 minuites, you can make out hyrogen water right away with it. In busy morning, lethargic afternoon, and exhausting evening, simply create hydrogen water and protect your healtful day.

Hydrogen water can be produced, regardless of characteristics of water in presence. The PAINO’s excellent, patented technologies enables productio nof high-concentrated hydrogen water even out of pure water with no mineral in it, like distilled water and RO Water.
Without limit of water, you can drink hydrogen-rich water at your home, and at your office.

Easy for everyone with the high-tech digital control You can control the product’s status by yourself with self-assessment
Its motion status are informed in real time, when hydrogen water is completely produced, when cleansing is needed, and when something goes wrong with the product.
It is possible to manipulate all motions and controls with only 4 buttons, so it is comfortable.

Perfect Hygienic System The PAINO Hydrogen Water Generator has the cleaning system of automatic circulation, the triple cover and the PP(polypropylene), in consideration of the nature of hydrogen water, that is, its sensitivity about hygene.
You can drink more clean hydrogen-rich water.

About hydrogen water

An active oxygen, the cause of aging and various illnesses It is an oxygen with strong acidity causing harms to cells, and so-called a toxic oxygen. Active oxygens causes oxidation in our bodies, as they have been overproduced by environmental contaminations, chemical materials, infrared rays, circulatory disorders, stresses, etc.; as a result, cell membranes, DNAs, and all other cell structures are damaged and, according to the ranges of those damages, even cells may lose their functions, or be spoiled to become factors for aging and many other diseases.

Hydrogen water is good for eliminating active oxygens Hydrogen water includes extra hydrogen molecules(H2) in water molecules(H2O). When a hydrogen encounters a separated oxygen, they combine with each other to be water. Thus, if you drink hydrogen water, active hydrogens that are drunk into your body along with water combine with active oxygens in your body so as to become harmless water and excreted later on in that form.

Technology of PAINO

The ASTRA CELL, the core of the PAINO Hydrogen Water Generator No matter what kind of water source it is, the technology of the ASTRA CELL stably produces highly concentrated hydrogen water of more than 1,000ppb, as the core technology throughout the world. This core technology of PAINO has been currently patent-registered not only in South Korea, but also in Japan, China, U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Astra – PAINO Technology Astra – The Astra cell, the center of the PAINO Technology, is the world-wide patented technology that is able to produce simultaneously hybrid water for sterilization and highly concentrated hydrogen water, through electrolysis.